Tuesday, November 04, 2008

White Night Storm of Video

THE 2008 White Night event remains a blur, a total Art-out experience.
Apologies for not having HRT, ElMaes, the SogWrongnyxestra and some other stuff recorded - I did my best.

there is some more on the Vimeo HDTV site (linked on the right)

Anyway feast your eyes - the next two posts will be a treat for your ears AND your eyes.

Nyx Live at White Nights Brighton 2008

I'm dr bouyant - white nights 2008

I'm dr bouyant - white nights 2008 II

minimal impact live at white night 2008

minimal impact slashs wormhole live at white night 2008

slashs wormhole 1

slashs wormhole 2

henry and lizzie

Henry and Lizzie 2

chris cook and camilo

Noteherder & McCloud live at the Phoenix White Night Festival 25.10.2008. Visuals by _minimalVector. from Bartosz Dylewski on Vimeo.


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